55157_461280663613_5375327_oMy milk came in full force when my child was born. I was pumping full time and feeding full time. Yes, you read that right, I over-produced double at times (as much as 24 oz in one 15 minute session, yikes!). Until one day… I didn’t.

Once pregnant again my milk just stopped. I tried everything I could, but without the advice of breastfeeding friends or professional support, I lost my milk. I lived in a rural area. My mom only breastfed for the 6 week maternity leave. I was the first of my friends to get pregnant. Even the internet wasn’t as breastfeeding-friendly then. There weren’t 10,000 pins about food to boost your milk or Facebook Mommy Groups with 5,000 like-minded women. I literally had no support or information when I went from double producing to zero producing in a matter of days. I was at a complete loss and heartbroken.

Rachel's Story 2Thankfully, my milk came back in all its glory for baby number 2. By then I realized I needed help regulating a healthier, more manageable milk supply. I surrounded myself with like-minded mamas and lactation professionals. I had a wonderful midwife and attended some one-on-one breastfeeding coaching when I struggled with latching. But the most enriching decision I made in my breastfeeding experience was joining natural mommy groups both locally and online.

I’ve always heard breastfeeding is the easier choice, but that’s not always the case. The breastfeeding struggle is real whether you are making too much or too little. It’s not always warm sunshine and fresh baby snuggles. Sometimes you leak through your dress at a wedding. Sometimes you make another mom cry when she sees you pump and dump in a restaurant bathroom because baby is with grandma and you are engorged. Sometimes your baby chokes everytime he latches because you let down so fast. Sometimes you wash your sheets every day because you wet the bed- with breast milk. Sometimes you lose your milk to make a new life and that life doesn’t make it. Breastfeeding is so much more than just feeding your baby. And sometimes it’s rough.

I joined Amber to create BoostOrganics to make breastfeeding a little easier. We’re not only offering convenient, healthy products for breastfeeding moms, but also the education and encouragement I never had as a new breastfeeding mama.